How To Use LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

LED plant growth light is widely used in greenhouse planting, tissue culture, flowering induction, seedling anti-hegemony, etc. There are several aspects to be noted when using.

How far should led grow lights be from plants

It is generally recommended that the top of the plant be controlled at a distance of 0.5M – 1M from the LED growing light, this distance not only allows the plant to receive adequate light, but the LED plant light can irradiate a wider area. At the same time, the height of the LED growing light should be adjusted appropriately according to the speed of plant growth to control the LED plant grow light in the most reasonable fill light position.

Control of the number of lamps

The light needed by plants at each stage of growth is different. In the germination and seedling period, the light needed is not very strong, so you can raise the distance of the plant light and reduce the number of LED plant lights to avoid wasting electricity; the light needed when the plants are flowering and fruiting will increase, so at this time, the LED plant grow light is used to fill the light for the plants according to the best fill light plan budgeted when ordering.

Control of light time

Plants are also alive and need to rest, so it is very important to control the light time of LED plant grow lights for plants reasonably, generally not more than 16 hours. More than too much, the plant can not rest properly, affecting the synthesis of respiratory organic matter; time is too short, it goes without saying, since the purchase of LED plant lights, the reasons are known. Lamp cleaning is also important, too much dirt not only affects the aesthetics, the surface of the lamp will also have a corrosive effect, while the stains on the LED plant light beads housing will also affect the light irradiation effect, a long time not clean will also make the LED plant grow light life greatly reduced.

Operation precautions of LED plant growing lights

  1. LED plant lights can only be used indoors.
  2. Do not touch the surface of the LED plant light after the power is turned on.
  3. problems with the lamps are sensible to find solutions, do not knock, drop.
  4. the use of lamps and lanterns to control the environment at 20 – 30 ℃.
  5. do a good job of security measures – lightning, waterproof, insect-proof, dust-proof.

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