How To Replace Window Glass In Aluminum Frame?


How to replace window glass in the aluminum frame? After seeing a broken glass window, you should search for this. Although it might look like a difficult job, don’t worry, it is a pretty easy task. Let’s share the process that could help you accomplish this task.

How to replace window glass in aluminum frame – the process

You can typically ignore the broken glass for days to months, but for how long? The delay in replacement is because you need to be more careful in repairing it. Or sometimes you find the repairing services costly. In such a case, you can do this alone without getting help from any services. It will save the replacement cost, and you can also have the experience to do this job.
Below, you will find the steps to accomplish this task. Let’s see how you could perform it.

1. Examining the broken glass

The first approach toward a broken glass window is to what extent the damage is. Most people don’t know the damage and are still willing to opt for replacement. However, one should thoroughly examine the extent to which the damage happens. You can fix the damage with any adhesive to cover the crack if the damage is minor. On the other hand, when the damage is intense, you require a proper replacement.

2. Take the measurements of the glass

The first part of how to replace a window pane in the aluminum frame is to take measurements. Use a measuring tape, and measure the glass pane with it. You should fix one end of the measuring tape and measure the glass from end to end. After taking the measurement, add about half an inch to your recorded dimensions. You can use this technique when the overall glass is safe and only a little crack occurs. However, the user takes dimensions from the aluminum frame if the glass is completely broken. This time, you don’t have to add extra inches for measurements.
Also, remember that you will have to check the thickness of the glass. Make sure the new glass you are purchasing has the same thickness as it was before.

3. Remove the vinyl strips from the frame

remove the vinyl strips from the frame

Do you see any vinyl strips on the aluminum frame? Usually, the strip is present on the four sides of the frame. Aluminum window glass replacement requires using a pointed thing like a screwdriver or knife. Then, with the screwdriver’s help, loosen the vinyl strips and remove their stickiness from the frame. Use the to-and-fro motion by bringing the screwdriver from the top to the bottom of the frame. You may require extra effort if it is rigid.
Now, use your hand to scrape off the strips completely. The glass becomes loose, and you can remove it easily with your hands. Hence the window frame is ready to replace glass in aluminum windows.
The other way to remove the sealing of the vinyl strip is to use a deglaze. It can quickly get between the aluminum frame and the glass. With the upward and downward motion, you can eventually loosen the seal. Replacing glass in windows is easy if you use soap and water spray. Spray the mixture at the edges of the frame. It will provide lubrication to the frame and make it more manageable for you to use the deglaze. Once the seal completely breaks, the glass becomes free from the aluminum window frame. Carefully remove the glass.

4. Clean the frame with alcohol

wipe and clean the frame with alcohol

The next step in the window pane replacement process includes wiping and cleaning the frame. You require a rag or cloth, hardware scrapper, screwdriver, etc. Use a cloth and dip it in alcohol. Then, use the damped cloth to clean the inside of the frame. If you find the silicon residues harsh, use a scrapper to scrape off the residues.
Afterward, use soap and water to wipe the frame and the new glass completely. Take a neat cloth and dip it in the solution. Then, clear out the frame with it.

5. Get the glazing beads for the frame

get the glazing beads for the frame

You require new glazing beads of the same length for the aluminum frame window. If you have the older strip of vinyl, use it for measurements. Follow the exact measurements for the new vinyl strips.

6. Apply the silicon on the aluminum window frame

In replacing glass in windows, take a sealant that would work as glue for the window glass. Use a thin layer of white silicon on the four sides of the frame. Then, immediately move to the next step of glass fixing in the frame.

7. Insert the glass in the window pane

Rush towards the final steps of window pane replacement. This step is all about fixing the glass in the frame. After applying the sealant, carefully set the glass in the frame. Make sure to hold the glass tight so that it doesn’t fall or break. Once the glass got set, press the glass in the frame with gentle pressing action. It would allow the sealant to stick entirely to the glass. Also, it prevents air bubbles from forming in the window.

8. Paste the glazing bead on the glass window

The strips or glazing beads you measured before are used in this process. Take the sealant, the silicon gun and spread silicon around the glass. Then take one side and paste the strip. So, repeat this process of pasting the adhesive on all four glass sides. Make sure you press the strips tightly so that the adhesive acts appropriately. All the strips look fine on the borders of the glass. Your aluminum frame window is all set for the brand-new outlook. Take a window cleaner or plain water to clean the glass surface.

How to replace double-pane window glass in an aluminum frame when you have double-pane windows? Then, repeat the same process. However, it would take more effort and time as the pane doubles.

Important tips:

  • Use personal protective equipment
  • Also, wear thick gloves to prevent the glass from hurting the fingers
  • Do the replacement of glass in an outdoor place where light is perfect


Replacing window glass in an aluminum frame query ends with this blog. It is a complete guide that helps in replacing the window glass properly. Therefore, choose the proper way to change the window glass with professionalism.

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