35 Decorative Wall Mirror Designs

When you’ve built or bought your home, you come to realize that your house is missing something. It’s an empty safe haven for you and your family without art or decor. So, when you go to furnish your room, try not to pick out the furniture in wild colors.

Make the most of every corner of your home. Wall mirrors are very useful when it comes to decorating. You can place one above your bed, or in your bathroom if you have a sizable mirror wall, but what’s even better is if you have mirror sets or individual mirrors.

Round Sunburst Mirror

The round sunburst mirror is perfect for your hallway or dressing room and is up to snuff with today’s modern interior design. It has a round shape with sunburst edges and looks great next to a coat stand and over a dressing table. When it is in a room, this mirror will help brighten up your room and add that vintage turn-of-the-century feel that we all love!

Classic sunburst wall mirror

With this wall mirror, you can add a silver finish to your wall. And it comes with a spiky design that will give your home a fierce yet classic look. When you choose to use this mirror, it will give any room a new lease on life, from living rooms and bedrooms to offices and other professional settings. Its imposing and calming presence is perfect for today’s modern homes.

Gilt-edged oval single wall mirror

Anchor your space with this oversized mirror, like a prince dressed in a satin gold frame. Since Its classic shape is finished with hand-painted detailing to create an unforgettable centerpiece for your home. The large scale lets it pair easily with smaller accessories, making it a great choice for large spaces, like ballrooms or long hallways.

Small lined cyclic wall mirror

This mirror is ten mirrors for the price of one with its beautiful, geometric design. While the perfect accent piece, the mirror lends a sophisticated touch to any room and will make your guests envious!

Golden vintage wall mirror

The antique gold mirror has an art deco-inspired design with gorgeous, mirrored borders that will really brighten up your living room. When hung above the fireplace for a beautiful Victorian touch, or use it as a dressing table mirror to really show off your couture outfits!

Sunburst single wall mirror

This mirror, featuring a sunburst design, helps to expand your living or dining room with the glow of natural sunlight. It helps with reflections into various directions and also widens the space by creating depth in your home. Which is also perfect for small rooms, bathrooms, and spaces that do not get much natural light.

floral wall mirror

Add a whimsical floral mirror to your home and see it would be a great addition to a more simple room, adding a touch of glam without overpowering. The gold frame bringing in sophistication, but the mirror itself bringing in the fun.
The mirror is the perfect size for the dining table or in an office for checking your hair before you head out.

Sleek line Rectangular single wall mirror

Another mirror to be wowed about is the rectangle wall mirror is a sophisticated addition to your home. With its sleek lines and its metal frame, it is a perfect addition to your master bedroom or your hallway. Its attractive design makes it irresistible, you won’t be able to stop checking yourself out every time you pass by!

Oval wall mirror with metal frame

Solid square shape single wall mirror

With this picturesque beautiful square frame from the past, is the perfect reflective surface to capture the beauty that is your face. Simple sometimes is the best form of complexity. This mirror features a simple square-shaped design that will be an ideal mirror piece right in your hallway. This makes for an easy confirmatory check of how you look.

Vintage single wall mirror

It is a vintage flat glass mirror beautifully fractioned and designed into many small pieces and fragments that takes you back to Victorian times. When placed centrally in your sunroom, changes the outlook of the room uniquely. If you’re huge on vintage pieces this will be a great addition to your home and collection (if you’re a collector).

Long oval shape single wall mirror

Get transported back in time with this long oval wall mirror with a metal frame is a modern rendition of the traditional standing mirrors grandmothers and great-grandmothers in the past. This modernized design is perfect for a dressing room or a walk-in closet. You can check out every change of outfit from every angle in high-definition quality.

Spiral gold plated single wall mirror

This square-shaped decorative wall mirror is one to have in your bedroom. Its simple but sleek design enhances its elegance and puts it right up there with other decorative wall mirrors. If you’re looking for something elegant but simple, then this is for you.

Solid window mirror

This decorative wall mirror is most assuredly a keeper and classic in years to come. Its curved top and flat bottom make it one of the best-suited window mirror wall decors you’ll find anywhere. You definitely would want this decorative wall mirror in your home to add a unique design to it.

Gold plated metallic frame mirror

Do you want that classical look in your home, then the round oval gold plated mirror which features a chic star shaped framed that looks just like a modern version of what you’d find in Cinderella’s time. You can have that same antique look in your home. The gold plated metallic frame gives it an effervescent look that draws you in. The master bedroom is a perfect place to nest this beauty that is a mirror.

Modified sunburst single wall mirror

With the modified gold plated sunburst mirror, you can give your room a face that lifts the like a sunny. It doesn’t just serve as a mirror but also doubles as an art piece that adds poise and class to your living room area and leaves you wanting more.

Spiral silver plated wall mirror

This spiral silver plated mirror elevates your room from normal to luxury.  Its gold plated spokes are a work of art that instantly makes you feel like you are in a castle in a fairy tale world. All your guests will be transported to a magical world with this mirror sitting on your living room wall.

Simple star-shaped single wall mirror

Simple sometimes is enough, and that is exactly what this mirror reflects. Simple and enough. It’s round free flowing design ensures it can fit and sit comfortably anywhere in your home. From your bedroom to your living room, even your library. It’s the perfect mirror that gives you simplicity with a class.

Portable single wall mirror

If you have been searching for an artsy window mirror wall decor, then this is definitely for you. This mirror combines simple with a touch of complex to give you that elegant appeal that home desperately needs. It’ll be a perfect for for your living room as it will give it the desired face lift it needs.

Gold plated round mirror

This mirror will definitely get you thinking about flowers and inspire you to start a garden. It is gold plated round mirror with a frame shaped as a flower petal and could probably pass as a star fish. This mirror adds glamour, style and an infusion of youth to your room.

Silver oval mirror

If you’re quite the scientific type, then you’ll definitely be be dazzled by this silver mirror wall decor. It has a certain scientific touch to it with its silver metallic frame looking like a spiralling frame. This will definitely look good in your second living room or bedroom.

Broken glass wall mirror

With the decorative wall mirror, that is highly regarded as the king of decorative wall mirrors. This mirror has a unique modern age design. It sports different pieces of broken and fragmented glass. This is the perfect window decor to have I’m your living room. If you’ve been looking for something artsy and different, this is it.

Classic silver oval-shaped wall mirror

This silver oval shaped mirror is a classic for all time. It’s shiny metal frame with diamond fittings gives it that classic but subtle feel you sure want in your home. If you’ve been looking for some diamond mirrors wall decor, then this is definitely for you. It’ll be a perfect fit for your bedroom as you wake up each morning to this beauty.

Interlocked 3-oval shape wall mirror

The interlocked 3-oval shape wall mirror is most definitely one to keep and pass on as a classic in years to come. Your generation will love this 3 shaped mirror decor that interlocks with itself. Its design is new and creative, unlike anything you’d find anywhere else. This will definitely make a great addition and for perfectly in your sunroom.

Slim square wall mirror

This slim and sleek decorative wall mirror will still be a thing in years to come. It is the perfect window mirror wall decor design that will sit perfectly in your hallway. Its bronze metallic frame ensures its durability and guarantees longevity. It is definitely a must-have in your home.

Octagon shaped window mirror

Are you a fan of shapes? If yes, then this octagon mirror is for you. makes your room look chic and sophisticated. With its clean lines, it brightens dark rooms and gives the illusion of more space. Since it would be great for small spaces used by a lot of people, like salons and living rooms. Octagon mirrors make your space look like a castle in a fairytale.

Circular vintage single wall mirror

This circular flat glass mirror beautifully fractioned and designed into many small pieces and fragments takes you back to Victorian times. Placed centrally in your sunroom causes changes in the outlook of the room uniquely. If you’re huge on vintage pieces this will be a great addition to your home and collection (if you’re a collector).

Diamond studded oval-shaped wall mirror

This decorative wall mirror is just what your bedroom has been needing for a while now. The diamond wall mirror sports a unique diamond studded round design that gives an ambiance of class and poise without overdoing it. Which would be perfect for your bedroom, especially if you love diamonds because it is made of diamond.

Combined small rounded wall mirror

Talk about Innovation as regards wall mirror decor and you have it right here. This gold plated decorative wall mirror is a combination of 15 smaller round shaped mirrors. It is surely a great wall mirror decor and art piece to have right in your living room. It brings a breath of fresh air with its new and innovative design.

Broken Square wall mirror

This square shaped wall mirror is definitely a must have in your home. No questions asked. Its silver framed decorative design is one that gives off an air of elegance and poise. If you’ve been Search for an elegant yet simple and classy wall mirror, this is definitely a match made in heaven for you.

Classic hexagonal-shaped wall mirror

This mirror brings to mind wind chimes swaying gently in a summer breeze. A perfectly symmetrical arrangement of three prism-like mirrors gives a room a whimsical air. It will be perfect hanging just over a short bookcase, or as a wall accessory in the master suite of a grand house.

3-Dimensional oval shaped mirror

The 3-dimensional oval shaped wall mirror is most definitely one to keep and pass on as a classic in years to come. It is a 3 oval shaped mirror decor that interlocks with itself. Its design is new and creative, unlike anything you’d find anywhere else. This will definitely make a great addition and for perfectly in your sunroom.

Gold plated rectangular shape wall mirror

This rectangular wall mirror decor is one from back in the day. Its vintage look is still one that competes highly with the more modern designs available. It sports a gold plated rectangular frame with a unique design. This wall mirror is perfect for your hallway.

Diamond-shaped wall mirror

The hexagonal decorative wall mirror is just what your living room has been needing for a while now. This particular wall mirror features a uniquely diamond fitted round design that gives an air of class and elegance without saying much. Since it would be a perfect fit for your your living room, especially if you love diamonds. Then, it’s a must have.

Spiky wall mirror

A round mirror with spiked edges perfect for a hallway or a living room. It will look right at home next to a coat stand or right over a dressing table. It brings colour to a room and provides that new vintage look and feel that will make you want to go back in time.

Floral wall mirror

A floral wall mirror adds a sunny feel to an otherwise bland and boring room. The metal frame adds a reassuring background to the whimsical look of the flower. This mirror is the perfect art and decor piece to a living room or a study room. It will help brighten the room in ways you can’t imagine.

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