25 DIY Chicken Coop Ideas

A well-designed chicken coop will keep your chickens safe and warm. As a result, making the proper chicken coop is necessary. In 2022, this article will be a masterpiece of the top 25 chicken coop ideas.

25 DIY Chicken Coop Ideas

You may finally have a coop explicitly created for your chickens, from chicken houses with nesting boxes to a simple little DIY chicken coop.

We’ve added the chicken coop type, size, and numbers of chickens it can handle to make it simpler to pick from our extensive list of 25 DIY chicken coop ideas.

Countryroosterusas First Chicken Coop

Countryroosterusas First Chicken Coop is our top pick from this list of chicken coop ideas. It is 4′ by 8′ and can house 6 to 8 healthy laying hens. Furthermore, the walls are 5′ in front and 4′ in the rear.

The windows are on the east and west sides to allow for early morning and late evening light. Lift the ventilation windows in the front and back to increase airflow.

This coop run is roughly 20′ by 8′ and 7′ high. For greater space within, external nesting boxes are available. These boxes are 15″ wide, 15″ in height, 16″ deep, and 12.5″ high on the rear.

Coop Size4′ x 8′
Capacity6 to 8 Chickens

Wichita Cabin Coop

This year, Wichita Cabin Coop is also one of the most popular chicken coop ideas. The original design dates back 12 years. On the other hand, the owner received many requests from the audience.

The basic measurements are a 5′ x 10′ base footprint with a 7′ high front wall and a 6′ high rear wall. The enclosed coop part and front entrance account for around one-third of the entire front width of 10′.

The coop floor is about 2′ from the ground, allowing hens and roosters to roam beneath while making it easy to access/clean out the coop part from the front entrance.

Coop Size5′ x 10′
Capacity3 to 6 Chickens

The “Mod” Coop

Mod’s chicken coop design is the next option on our list of chicken coop ideas. This Mod Coop measures 3′ broad by 18′ long by 6′ in height. The coop is 3’x 6’x 4′ and is raised 19″ above the ground. Mod Coop Chicken Coop ides are ideal for 3-6 chicks.

The brooder/isolation Pen is suitable for convenient separation and growing chicks. The design is adaptable, non-permanent, and easy to disassemble and transport. The size required to fit within a gated 7’x42′ side yard, not obstruct the AC unit, and have enough area around it for a wheelbarrow to pass.

The Mod Coop design is simple to maintain, with painted and washable walls and huge doors that provide full access. Because it is just 6′ tall, there is no requirement for a construction permit.

Coop Size3’ x 6‘
Capacity3 to 6 Chickens

The Old Homestead Coop

The following model from Chicken coop ideas initially appeared in 2013. The plan was to create a 6′ x 8′ coop with an adjoining 8′ x 12′ run. The designer built this coop adjacent to “The Original Farm” and intended to retain the motif of the old homestead, hence the name “The Old Homestead Coop.”

The owner spent $1800 to create this do-it-yourself chicken coop. Later that year, he began using wood mulch/chips on the coop floor, run, and nest boxes.

Above all, this chicken coop design is suitable for hens in both summer and winter. Although the construction is expensive, it is of high quality.

Coop Size6′ x 8′
Capacity8 to 10 Chickens

My Mid Life Crisis Coop

This DIY chicken coop is one of the most beautiful chicken coop ideas. On the other side, it is comparatively difficult to create.

However, the real coop’s perimeter is 6′ X 8′. The designer chose to elevate it 32 feet above the ground. They did this to keep rodents and predators out of the run and give some shade on hot or windy days.

The dimensions of the run are 8’W X 14’L X 7’H. The pinnacle of the roof rises more than 14′ above the ground. The nesting box apertures are round and are 9″ X 12″, while the nest boxes themselves are 12″ X 12″. I chose to wrap it with 1 “Chicken wire was used to shield the girls from predators above.

Coop Size6′ x 8′
Capacity8 to 10 Chickens

Cozy Cottage Coop

This DIY chicken coop is one of the simplest chicken coop ideas we’ve observed. The house’s foundation is a shipping crate side, a sheet of composite board laid on a 1×2 frame, 39 1/4″ x 27 1/4″. The length of the coop is 70″, and the height is 44 1/2″.

The designer built the ramp to the home out of two sections of cedar fence board joined together by rungs created from a furring strip. A resting board connects the ramp to the house.

Coop Size4′ x 6 ‘
Capacity3 to 6 Chickens

Egg Song Music Factory

A 6′ x 10′ shed is the next best DIY chicken coop. This coop’s interior dimensions are 5.5′ x 9.5′, allowing it to house 6 to 10 regular chickens.

The chain-link run is around 15′ x 20′ x 4′ tall on one side and 10′ x 20′ x 6′ high. At the base of the fence, there is roughly 18″ of 1/2″ hardware cloth secured with hog rings and both UV resistant and stainless steel zip ties and 18″ aproned out and secured with lawn staples.

Coop Size6′ x 4′
Capacity6 to 10 Chickens

Coolcanoechic’s Member Page

This chicken coop has a major footprint of 6′ by 10′. As a result, the coop is 6′ x 4′ and the run measures 6′ x 6′. However, the goal of this chicken house design was to provide simple access.

The designer utilized vinyl for the coop’s floor to make cleaning easier. He covered the entire ceiling with a window screen and then latticed it. As a result, the chicken cannot perch in the rafters and crap down the sides of the walls and hardware cloth.

For increased warmth in the winter, the window includes double-paned glass. In addition, a panel for the nesting box prevents the chickens from escaping when gathering eggs.

Coop Size6′ x 4′
Capacity3 to 6 Chickens

Romadfoxs Chicken Coop

Romadfoxs Chicken, with a 6′ X 6′ foundation, is the next option for chicken coop ideas. Furthermore, the dimensions of the run are 12′ x 15′ and 6′ high.

The predators were a significant concern for the owner of this chicken coop. So he trenched to a depth of 6″-8″ around the coop foundation and the border of the run. The chicken wire is then tightly secured into the trench before being backfilled with pebbles and dirt. Furthermore, the run is 6′ high, so there is no crouching when you enter, and he covered the top, so there are no hawk or owl problems.

Coop Size6′ x 6 ‘
Capacity6 to 8 Chickens

Aart’s Hoop Coop/Chicken Tractor

This DIY Chicken Coop design is a one-of-a-kind design for raising rural hens. This coop model from the list of chicken coop ideas is one of those having mobile capabilities. This portable Aar’ts hoop coop or chicken tractor, on the other hand, is roughly 81″W x 102″L x 75″H.

On the other hand, the general design is quite plain and straightforward. This chicken coop design is the most acceptable option for meat birds during the growing season.

Coop Size6.7’ x 8.5‘
Capacity8 to 10 Chickens

Upcycled Swing Set to Chicken Coop

This chicken coop is the most basic of all the chicken coop ideas on this list. This little coop can house 3 to 6 hens.

The run space is beneath the raised coop and is approximately 5′ wide by 16′ long. The front of the coop is about 5′ wide by 6′ long. It excludes the nesting area, which adds around 1′ to the 5′ side length.

This design employed a 2′ tall, 1/4″ hardware cloth over the top of the chicken wire surrounding the run area to combat predation. Installing a scrap piece of linoleum flooring inside the coop will keep moisture off the wood, make cleaning the shavings easier, and give vermin an extra layer of protection.

The nesting boxes’ access doors, on the other hand, serve as shelves for lifting out the boxes, gathering the eggs, cleaning, and other necessary duties.

Coop Size5′ x 6′
Capacity3 to 6 Chickens

Eastern Shore Classic Coop

This Classic DIY Chicken Coop design has a total footprint of 6’x12′. The run measures 6’x10′, and the coop measures 4’x6′ (24 square feet = 3 square feet per bird).

On the other hand, the nesting boxes are 13″ by 13″. Furthermore, the owner built the roosting bars out of 2×3 pine. She created the pop door on a basic track and hooked it to the exterior with a pulley for easy operation.

Coop Size4′ x 6 ‘
Capacity4 to 6 Chickens


Are you seeking larger chicken coop ideas? Consider using this model.

The Moon Shadows Chicken Coop is 10′ x 8′, with 6′ 6″ walls and a gabled roof. The designer used traditional dimensional timber to frame it and rough-cut eastern yellow pine boards to sheathe it.

He built the floor joists out of 2 x 6s, supported them with cinder block piers, and coated them with OSB and plywood protected with Black Jack 57. The roof is plywood with asphalt shingles on top of felt paper.

The run is 10 x 16 and made of pressure-treated dimensional timber, with 1 x 2 and 2 x 4 welded wire covering the top, sides, and a 2-foot apron around the perimeter.

Coop Size10’ x 8‘
Capacity10 to 12 Chickens

Rural Rehatch

These chicken coop ideas are appropriate for rearing 8 to 10 chicks. The Rural Rehatch Chicken coop concept has an 8′ by 8′ coop dimension. However, inside the coop, there are two sizes of chicken roosts available. In this case, the yard or run size is 6′ x 12′.

The designer didn’t give importance to nesting boxes. He created a box divided into eight 12×12 nests, then put it on a pallet and fastened it to the wall studs. The nest box’s ceiling is slanted to discourage the hens from roosting on it.

Coop Size8′ x 8 ‘
Capacity8 to 10 Chickens

“The Egg Plant” Coop

This DIY chicken coop design is one of the most beautiful we’ve observed in this chicken coop ideas list. However, the 4′ x 4′ run is large enough for birds to wander and soar around with ease. Inside the coop, the designer has constructed four nesting boxes.

Furthermore, the designer insulated the coop floor, walls, ceiling, and nesting boxes with fibreglass insulation because they have harsh winters. It also keeps the coop cool in the heat.

Coop Size4′ x 6′
Capacity6 to 8 Chickens

The Nest Egg

After many weeks of sketching floor designs on scrap paper and relying on the designer’s experience remodelling and manufacturing furniture to tie it all together, he created a 6′ x 10′ stick-framed structure with a 96″ ceiling “eavesdrop.

The foundation is a processed 2×6 rectangle that lies level and fastened to the 5″ thick slab with 12″ concrete wedge anchors spaced 24″ apart 96″ in the centre, with additional anchors at either end of the frame components

A second nailer was affixed to the nest box, 10″ away from the first, to allow for the insertion of 2″ rigid foam insulation, which provided some insulation (R10) on the nest box area outside the coop wall. The boxes were installed in the outer wall, braced with 2x4s, then levelled, squared, and fastened.

Coop Size6′ x 10′
Capacity8 to 10 Chickens

Two Dog Farm Chicken Coop

The Two Dog Farm Chicken Coop is the next option for chicken coop ideas, with the entire pen and run roofed space measuring 6×10 feet. However, the actual coop dimensions are 3×6 ft. The ventilation is ideal with the 12″x24″ window.

On the other hand, the roost is a 2×4 flipped on its side. With only three chickens, cleaning the nesting boxes is simple.

Coop Size3′ x 6′
Capacity2 to 3 Chickens

Villa Gallina

Villa Gallina is a 3’x4′ and two nests coop with a 9’x3’x4.5′ connected PVC run intended for use in a tropical environment in a lovely neighbourhood garden. This chicken coop is secure enough to keep them safe from “Guaraguaos,” a native pray bird from the hawk and dog family.

It will initially house three birds (1 rooster and two hens), but in principle, it can house up to seven hens (more than two square feet each chicken in the run and 11″ per space on the roost within the coop).

Coop Size3′ x 4′
Capacity3 to 6 Chickens

Monks Chicken Coop

This DIY chicken coop is 4′ x 6′. The designer levelled the base and set it on blocks. Consider this coop among all the DIY chicken coop ideas below if you want something basic and straightforward to build.

He nailed down Linoleum on the floor and then fixed the walls to the ground. According to the designer, they have more harsh winters than typical. Thus, the coop and run are well-pitched to shed snow.

He built a 2×4 roost on the flat side to help the birds keep the chickens’ feet warm in the winter. The 2×3 perch is suitable to assist them in the nesting boxes.

Coop Size4’ x 6‘
Capacity3 to 6 Chickens

Log Cabin / Cordwood Coop

The designer came up with innovative solutions, such as using wine bottles to create a stained glass look on the timber walls. On the other hand, the coop is 8’x10′, and the run is around 10x10x8.

The mortar used to surround the cordwood comprises three parts sand, two parts soaked sawdust, one part portland cement, and one part hydrated lime.

Coop Size8′ x 10 ‘
Capacity10 to 12 Chickens

Hen Hideout

The Hen hideout chicken coop ideas, like the Chicken tractor, are transportable. The PVC Chicken skeleton is a 4×10′ coop. The measurements of the height are around 5′ on the “low” side and 6′ on the “high” side.

The designer utilized a standard 114″ PVC pipe but purchased exceptional 4-way, 5-way, and corner fittings developed specifically for PVC furniture projects.

They built the structure in stages, with a 4′ henhouse/nestbox portion (front end), a 3′ run section (back end), and a 3′ centre section connecting them. Self-tapping screws threaded through the PVC fittings hold this piping in place.

However, the two nest boxes measure approximately 12″ X12″ X12″. A single nest box door opens on its hinges to help with cleaning, and there are several circular air vents incorporated into the design.

Coop Size4’ x 10‘
Capacity8 to 10 Chickens

Loveland Wichita Knockoff

They run in the following excellent chicken coop ideas, Loveland Wichita Knockoff is 5’x12′, and the coop is 5’x4′. The overall design is solid and well-executed. The designer paid $20 for a glued 1″x16″x8′ wood board for the nest box.

The chicken coop and run, on the other hand, are basic and easy to clean. The designer decked out the coop with flowers and vibrant colours. This coop can house 3 to 4 hens.

Coop Size5′ x 4′
Capacity3 to 4 Chickens

Jen’s Hens’- A Southern Texas Coop

Jen’s Hens’ design takes up a total of 280 square feet. The coop measures 8′ x 6′, and the run measures 20′ x 10′. The designer opted to utilize plywood as the pen’s siding.

The designer built it on three sides, from the roof to the floor, leaving the fourth side open for wind. For further predator protection and ease of assembly, he wrapped the hardware cloth entirely around the coop.

He installed roosts at various heights to fit the number of hens and their breeds. The smallest roost is around two feet above the ground, while the largest is five feet.

Coop Size8′ x 6′
Capacity6 to 10 Chickens

Littlefeats The Feather Factory Chicken Coop

The overall dimensions are 5′ x 10′, with an enclosed coop end measuring 4′ x 5′. The coop floor is around 2′ in-depth, and the roof slopes from 8′ to 7′. The designer built the walls of 2 x 4s.

This DIY Chicken Coop is a condensed version of the steps we used to create our coop/run.

Coop Size5′ x 6′
Capacity 3 to 6 Chickens

The Chicken  Condo

The Chicken Condo Coop is our last pick among the most popular DIY Chicken coop ideas. The foundation of this chicken coop is 2″ x 8″ x 16″ solid capstone bricks, broad and four deep. This measurement makes it 13 feet wide by 6 feet deep.

Inside the chicken coop, there is a poop hammock made of the outdoor shade fabric. Sew a loop around each end of the material, then thread a segment of plastic PCV pipe from Home Depot or Lowe’s through the loops.

The excrement will dry quickly and cause little odour this way. Shake the dry faeces into the garbage, then spray it with the yard hose.

Coop Size6′ x 13′
Capacity8 to 10 Chickens

How to build a chicken coop properly

Creating the greatest chicken coop ideas may appear complicated at first. However, if you have some basic woodworking skills and a lot of time, you can build a fantastic coop that will comfortably house your hens for years to come.

Decide the chicken coop designs and sizes

Most breeds of chickens require at least 3 square feet of coop area per bird if outside range space is available. For typical species, we recommend at least 4 square feet. So, if you’re planning to raise six hens, a 24-square-foot coop will suffice.

Chickens should have a “run” or outdoor space of at least 4 square feet for each bird separate from the inside coop.

Decide the location

The coop location on your property is critical for maintaining coop hygiene and providing safety for the birds themselves.

To minimize floods, mud difficulties, or water and moisture buildup, building a chicken coop on high ground is advisable. If high land is not available, you will need to create a raised coop to keep your birds dry.

Make It Easy to Clean and Maintain

Remember that if you have a fixed coop, you will need to muck it out multiple times a year. A full-sized entrance must be included in the blueprints to allow a human to enter swiftly to clear it out. You will ultimately get compost for your garden if you use the deep litter approach for the coop floor.

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