Best Raised Garden Reviews in 2021

Gardening is a great way to relax and add color to the yard. You can also use it for fresh food by growing vegetables. However, starting a garden is no easy task, and it can be incredibly challenging if the planting location isn’t adjustable to the types of plants you’d like to grow. Although you can till the ground and create a garden yourself, there are other alternatives like the raised garden beds that will give the same result as the traditional garden with less stress and flexible positioning. 

Planting a raised bed garden is a flexible gardening pattern that allows you to grow decorative and edible plants anywhere in the house. A raised vegetable bed is a box-shaped unit that allows you to plant just about anywhere outdoor or indoor. Raised garden beds provide better drainage, and because the garden soil is raised, the bed will have good moisture retention and drainage balance, which makes the soil less prone to compaction. The moisture retention and drainage help your plants thrive and produce greater yields. Raised garden beds are either installed on the ground for permanent placement or raised troughs that can be picked up and moved to give a rich, moisture-balanced growing environment 

However, before you can create a beautiful garden with raised garden beds, you need to consider your space limitation, personal design preference, and the overall gardening goal. Here is the review of our top 7 raised garden beds of varying shapes and sizes that can transform your garden into a home. 

A note on availability: Due to increased demand and circumstances beyond the supplier’s control, some of these products may fluctuate between in and out of stock, and they may have delayed shipping times. We will try our best to provide up-to-date information and updates were necessary to aid your shopping experience. 

FOYUEE Galvanized Raised Garden Bed 

Foyuee galvanized raised garden bed is one of the very few garden beds made from galvanized steel with an anti-rust coating that brings color to your patio, yards, and garden. The drainage hole and line in the bottom allow better drainage and prevent your plant from waterlogging. The shiny natural look blends with the outdoor setting and will make your garden more beautiful as herbs, vegetables, and flowers grow in it. The ergonomic height is sturdily constructed to save space, eliminate bend over and perfect for small outdoor spaces. The handle and wheel design are exceptionally crafted for an easy move to anywhere convenient, and the handy shelf holds accessories are easy to set up.  

Durability is a key feature in choosing above the ground bed kit, and Foyuee had this in mind with this elevated design. Since weather and climate factors can subject objects to change. This raised bed has the capacity to resist wear and tear due to sun, rain, and extreme weather. The planting box measures 37″ L x 15″ W x 8″ deep and sits on size: 40″ L x 20″ W x 31-1/2″ H to provide a shiny galvanized room to grow herbs, vegetables, flowers, and other plants. This galvanized above-ground planter box with legs portable elevated deck is both stylish and durable for all seasons.  

Layout: Rectangle 12 pockets with detachable segmentation 

Size: 40″ L x 20″ W x 31-1/2″ H overall, planting box: 37″ L x 15″ W x 8″ deep

Material: Galvanized steel

Type: Raised garden bed

  • Made from galvanized steel nResistance to extreme weathernReduce bending nQuick and easy to assemble n
  • The razor-sharp edges could cut.nIt is too big for a small garden.nSome soil may seep out from the drain holes.

6-Ft Raised Garden Bed – Vertical Garden Freestanding Elevated Planter with 4 Container Boxes 

Do you like the idea of a vertical garden bed? If yes, then this product is perfect for you. When it comes to a vertical garden bed, it can’t get any taller than the 6-Ft Vertical Garden Bed from amazon. It’s almost six feet high, making it easy for you to garden without hurting your back, and it’s ideal for small spaces because each hanging container gives you enough space to place whatever you want. 

The wooden structure is perfect for both indoor and outdoor décor. The drainage hole at the bottom of the bed makes it easier for the excess water to escape and keeps the soil fresh. The garden bed liner is designed to prevent the wood from touching the soil, which helps maintain the great planter for many years. The four container boxes can be separated or customized for different purposes. For example, the first and second layer can house your vegetable while the third and last spot can be used to plant your herbs and pretty flowers, respectively.

Layout: 6-Ft Raised Garden Bed with 4 Container Boxes  

Size: D 23″ x W 30″ x H 65″ 

Material: Wooden 

types: Curved Garden Freestanding Elevated Planter

  • The plastic raised garden bed is made from polypropylene material and can be used to grow food.nCascading Water Drainage and easy assemble.nBPA-free, mercury-free, and lead-freenPerfect for tight space n
  • Heavy when filed, so not practical to move nMay require extra reinforcement

Quictent Extra-Thick Galvanized Steel Raised Garden Bed Planter Kit Box

The Quictent greenhouse design raised garden bed is the perfect raised garden bed for big plants that cannot accommodate a conventional greenhouse. Quictent has been a household name since the early 21st century. Quictent raised garden beds are high and warm inside. This raised garden bed with fence protect plants from dust, gale, heat, excess heat, or cold and keep out animals. 

Layout: Framed steel power coating with one cover transparent reinforcement 

Size: 49.2’’x37.4’’x36.2″

Material: Galvanized Steel, steel 

Types: floor standing 

  • Greenhouse design keeps plants warm and growing in winter and spring.nMade with extra-thick steel and the eco-friendly galvanized paint prevents rust.nZipper window on each side aids vent in Spring and Summer and provide easy access to your plant.
  • Best suited for outdoor planting.nWhen not properly assembled, wind can blow it over.nIt can get too hot.

VIVOHOME Wood Planter Raised Bed with Trellis, 48 Inch Height Free-Standing Planter for Garden Yard

This vertical garden from Vivohome can help you maximize small space. The chic climbing planter can help you fulfill that long dream of growing vines at home. The wood planter raised garden bed with trellis is made from natural materials and treated with a high-temperature carbonization process to ensure that it stays moist-proof and doesn’t fall apart. The trellis is weather-resistant and provides adequate space to support climbing plants, flowers, or hanging pots. The 48-inch free-standing planter allows you to get creative by creating your own unique combination of flowers and hanging plants. The flower box is made with natural fir wood and reinforced with eight glaze-plated screws to make it rust-resistant and more durable. The weather-resistant design is perfect for outdoor or indoor use.

Layout: 48 Inch Height Free-Standing Planter 

Size: 25’’ (L) X 11’’ (W) X 48’’ (H)

Material: Fir wood:

Types: Wood Planter Raised Bed with Trellis

  • Made from natural firnAnti-corrosion, moth-proof, moisture-proof and sun-resistantnProvides enough space to accommodate a large number of plants, flowers, or vegetablesnTrellis provides adequate space for hanging baskets and vine climbing plants.
  • Poor drainage designnThe wood may need sealant for longevity.

Best Choice Products 96x24x10in Wooden Outdoor Raised Garden Bed Planter for Vegetables, Grass, Lawn, Yard – Natural

Made of natural Chinese Fir wood to withstand every season without discoloring or rotting and lock in place with screw-fastened posts for a quick, sturdy assembly. This is a simple assembly that makes gardening easy. This outdoor wooden raised bed gardening is perfect for beginners and requires less than 2 minutes to assemble. The 8-foot garden bed provides pre-sanded panels built with dovetail joints slide, and the liner separates the wood from the soil and provides an ample space that allows plants to grow and retain their excellent condition. This Outdoor Wooden Raised Garden Bed Planter is a Perfect decoration accessory that will complement any front or backyard, grass area, or budding garden. The middle divider allows you to plant different types of plants, vegetables, fruits, and flowers without them obstructing each other’s growth. 

layout: 96x24x10

size: 96″(L) x 24″(W) x 10″(H) inches

material: Chinese Fir Wood

Types: Outdoor wooden raised garden bed planter

  • Made with chemical-free woodnStackable making the garden expandablenLow maintenance nLooks beautiful and easy to assemblen
  • ImmobilenNot good for tight space

48x24x30-inch Elevated Raised Garden Bed, Wood Planter Box Stand for Backyard, Patio, Natural

This raised garden planter is an excellent addition to any garden. You can’t get any taller garden bed than the one from Best Choice Products. It is made from quality natural wood that wouldn’t rot or wear from harsh weather. This product is 3-foot-high and 4-foot-long, making it easy for those who struggle to bend down and deep enough to ensure your plants and vegetables grow healthy. The drainage hole at the bottom of the bed allows the extra water to drain out, keeping soil fresh and preventing plants from overwatering. The wooden structure Adds a new hint of beauty to any part of your home. It can be placed on the patio, backyard, and more.

Layout: 3-foot-high and 4-foot-long bed

Size: 48.5″(L) x 23″(W) x 30″(H)inch

Material: Cedar Wood

Types: Elevated Wood Planter Box Stand

  • Perfect size for most gardennMade from top quality wood nGreat for limited space nEasy to assemble
  • Heavy to move nNot suitable for tight spaces

FOYUEE Raised Garden Bed with Legs, Outdoor Elevated Garden Box on Wheels for Vegetables Flower Herb Patio

The FOYUEE metal raised garden bed has everything you need to make a beautiful garden. The tall spacious garden bed can hold over 2.5 cubic feet of soil to give you plenty of room to plant your vegetables, herbs, and flowers. This galvanized steel raised garden bed is anti-rust and suited for growing vegetables. This is a raised garden bed on wheels for easy mobility. The ergonomic height helps to eliminate the bend-over struggle. The handle and wheel design allow an easy move to anywhere, with handy shelf hold accessories. Made of galvanized steel with a black coating to beautify your garden and make it come alive. The material is extremely durable and resists insects, bugs, pests, and harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. The depth of the plant bed allows air circulation in the soil and the root of the plant. The drainage hole at the bottom prevents the plant from waterlogging by enabling extra moisture to drain easily. 

This corrugated metal raised bed is beautifully coated in black to add aesthetics appeal to anywhere it is used. It is coated with several layers of black paint to ensure that it will not easily flake or corrode. Apart from being an environmentally friendly product, this product requires low maintenance. You don’t need to repaint to maintain or prolong its life span. This product is very durable and will give you the worth of your money. 

Layout: Rectangle pockets with detachable segmentation

Size: 40-1/2″ L x 15-1/2″ W x 31-1/2″ H

Material: Galvanized steel with anti-rust coating

Types: Rectangular raised planter box with Legs Outdoor Garden Bed

  • Perfect for small outdoor spaces.nEasy to assemble nEasy to movenValue for money n
  • Not suitable for indoorsnThe sharp steel edges may cut.

There you have it—a review on seven of the most common raised garden beds. There are always several options when it comes to buying a raised garden bed, and sometimes choosing one out of these options can be challenging. Yet, the one you pick is going to determine the success of your gardening. Therefore, you can’t afford to pick just anyone. There is really no set-aside standard when it comes to picking the perfect raised garden beds. The perfect choice for your garden will be a raised garden bed that tick all the box in your garden goal. Go through the review and cross-check with your garden or planting goals to make the best choice.

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