Top 15 Wholesale Garlic Suppliers

Doing a garlic business is a great way for you to profit, but is it really troublesome to find wholesale garlic suppliers? Don’t know where to wholesale garlic? Where is the lowest garlic wholesale price? Don’t worry. Hibags has found the world’s top 15 wholesale garlic suppliers for you. As a professional garlic manufacturer, we are all customer-oriented and provide you with the best garlic wholesale price.

Territorial Seed Company

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Territorial Seed Company is a private company wholly owned by Tom and Julie Johns. They screened thousands of garlic varieties from the global market to find the highest quality and most suitable garlic for growing. Therefore, it has become one of the top wholesale garlic suppliers in the UK. By offering cheap garlic wholesale prices, Territorial’s seed wholesale business has flourished.

Keene Garlic

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For more than ten years, Keene Garlic has been growing and selling high-quality garlic. It is one of the wholesale garlic suppliers trusted by customers. Therefore, their selling garlic wholesale business is quite mature and can provide garlic buyers with a competitive garlic wholesale price. The important thing is that all of Keene Garlic’s garlic is organically grown, has no genetically modified ingredients. They also have not been irradiated and are grown in nutrient-rich soil to produce high-quality garlic bulbs.

Filaree Farm

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Since 1977, Filaree Farm has been a family-owned supplier of high-quality organic garlic seeds. They are located in the sunny Okanogan Valley in north-central Washington! Therefore, the seeds have been proven to grow well in climates across the United States.

As one of the largest wholesale garlic suppliers in North America, Filaree Farm’s mission is to provide opportunities for others to grow more than 100 kinds of garlic from all over the world. As the quality is certified by WSDA, you will easily benefit from Filaree Farm’s selling garlic wholesale service.

Olam Spices

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Olam Spices is a global manufacturer and supplier of perfume ingredients. Due to strict food safety standards, Olam Spices has become one of the world’s largest dried onions and wholesale garlic suppliers. In addition to selling garlic wholesale, they also occupy a leading global position in chili, pepper, tropical spices, fruit puree, and parsley.

Olam’s organization manufactures garlic products in 5 countries/regions and sells them to more than 65 countries/regions! If you are looking for reliable wholesale garlic suppliers, Olam must be your most suitable choice.

Tubbs Berry Farm

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Tubbs Berry Farm is a small selling garlic wholesale company located in Twin Falls, Idaho. Their fields have been inspected and certified by the Idaho Department of Agriculture and are free of disease and white rot. It has always provided high-quality garlic for any large enterprises or small growers looking for peeled garlic wholesale and wholesale garlic suppliers.

Farm garlic varieties sold by the pound include Chesnok Red, German Red, Korean Red, Musik, Spanish Roja, Asian Tempest, Inchelium Red, and Early Italian.

I Love Produce

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With hard work and extensive knowledge of the garlic industry, brothers Jim Provost and Neil Millman created a selling garlic wholesale and production company with strong values. After that, I Love Produce flourished, applying its more than 100 years of garlic planting experience to loyal customers. This effort earned them an excellent rating from Primus Global Food Safety. But I Love Produce is not just wholesale garlic. They provide guarantees, reliable garlic wholesale prices, consistent supply, and relationships you can trust.

Garlic King

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Garlic King’s exemplary reputation began in 1999 in San Diego, California, and has now developed into a world-class wholesale garlic supplier.As in 1999, wholesale garlic is still their primary business. But now, various other products are also available: ginger, shallots, onions, and various peppers. In addition, Garlic King provides multiple cold storage facilities in the United States. To better provide selling garlic wholesale services to American and Canadian customers in local or regional markets.

Spice World

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Spice World is a culinary brand with a long history of more than 70 years. It is one of the largest wholesale garlic suppliers in the United States. By providing ready-made, peeled, and squeezable garlic products, Spice World has created a new method of selling garlic wholesale. As one of the bulk wholesale garlic suppliers, Spice World produces various garlic products every year. Today, Spice World offers attractive garlic wholesale prices, serving customers in all 50 states in the United States.

Garlic World

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Garlic World was established in 1986, adopting the unique business model of the store. It is the leader of wholesale garlic suppliers in the United States. As one of the professional wholesale garlic suppliers, Garlic World’s specialty is peeled garlic wholesale and vadugapatti garlic wholesale. Garlic World operates the following forms of selling garlic wholesale services: garlic braid, fresh garlic, dehydrated garlic, etc.

Christopher Ranch

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Christopher Ranch is one of the famous wholesale garlic suppliers in the United States, producing fresh California peeled garlic and canned garlic. Compared with many international varieties, Christopher Ranch’s garlic products have been proven to have the highest brix and allicin content. Christopher Ranch wholesales more than 85 million pounds of garlic products each year. The massive demand for garlic makes Christopher one of the largest wholesale garlic suppliers in the United States.

Old Mansion

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Founded in Virginia in 1877, Old Mansion is one of the oldest spice wholesale companies in the United States. It is also one of the largest wholesale garlic suppliers in the United States. It is famous for providing the lowest garlic wholesale price on the market. Old Mansion’s garlic wholesale business includes peeled garlic wholesale and vadugapatti garlic wholesale. Due to the low garlic wholesale price, Old Mansion has always occupied the first among wholesale garlic suppliers in North America.

BJ Garlic

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As a significant garlic grower in the United States, BJ Garlic has more than 30 years of garlic wholesale experience and is one of the leading wholesale garlic suppliers. BJ Garlic specializes in the wholesale of raw garlic and food made from natural garlic. Sell ​​the best chemical-free garlic products and cheap garlic wholesale prices. Every link of BJ garlic from planting, harvesting, packaging, transportation to customers is carefully completed by hand to ensure quality.

Forbes Wild Foods

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Forbes Wild Foods is a company that provides hand-picked garlic for restaurants. And it is one of the largest wholesale garlic suppliers in Canada. It is worth mentioning that they give the peeled garlic wholesale service with the freshest high-quality garlic picked from the local area.

Wild Foods is committed to providing customers with satisfactory garlic wholesale prices. To ensure the flavor and quality of garlic, Wild Foods updates its selling garlic wholesale list every year. They have become one of Canada’s high-quality wholesale garlic suppliers.

The Garlic Box

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The Garlic Box is located in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, and has now developed into one of Canada’s leading wholesale garlic suppliers. In addition, Garlic Box wholesales peeled garlic, minced garlic, minced garlic, garlic cloves, and garlic balls.

The garlic wholesale price they provide is Canada’s most advantageous. As one of Canada’s largest wholesale garlic suppliers, they still use garlic powder and black garlic as their main products. Almost all garlic products produced and sold by Garlic Box are IQF, all-natural, non-GMO and organic products.


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CanadianFoodFocus is also one of Canada’s largest wholesale garlic suppliers, with a long history of more than 40 years. They mainly export fresh garlic to the United States and Mexico. Due to its geographical advantages, Canadian FoodFocus directly cooperates with foreign garlic importers, selling garlic wholesale, and shipping it abroad.

With many years of garlic wholesale experience, Canadian FoodFocus has established a complete global distribution network during many years of operations and has become one of Canada’s largest wholesale garlic suppliers. In the next step, Canadian FoodFocus also plans to expand the export of garlic and increase the wholesale line of garlic products.


The top 15 wholesale garlic suppliers we have compiled above are based on the annual corporate transaction volume and official financial statements. Whether you are a small garlic grower, garlic processing company, or importer, this list can help you a little bit. If you are looking for selling garlic wholesale business, I believe these companies and suppliers can provide you with a good garlic wholesale price.

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